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Professional Subtitling Services in Pretoria/Johannesburg

Omni Printings offers the highest quality subtitling services for all types of programming in South Africa, allowing you to share your programming with audiences around the world. Through our network of experienced video Editors we can provide subtitles in the highest quality ever. Omni Printings is a full-service subtitling company in Pretoria/Johannesburg.  We can provide your subtitles in any format you require.

We can render your subtitles onto your master video so that they’re always visible, or embed them into the video so that they’re visible only when selected in the player.  Our experienced technicians create video subtitles using state-of-the-art equipment and can trans-code your master video to any specifications required.  We can also modify your graphics to include translations and add custom design elements to your video, such as a contrasting background for your subtitles.

We also offer subtitle files for the web, Streaming VOD, DCP or IMF packages, DVD or Blu-ray Authoring, as well as for most non-linear editing systems.  Whether you’re distributing your program on YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video, or authoring your own DVD or Blu-ray disc, we can provide you with subtitle files that will work for you.  We’re familiar with the particular formatting and style requirements of all of the major Streaming VOD platforms and can easily incorporate any unique requirements you may have for your project.

Our clientele spans several industries:

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Omni Printings plays an important role in ensuring a wider reach for video content. Omni offers pre-recorded subtitling for both broadcasting and non-broadcasting industries. With state-of-the-art studios, we offer the best Subtitling Services with affordable prices in South Africa.

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