South African Languages


We offer a comprehensive range of language solutions across all eleven of South Africa’s official languages. We can provide professional translation, localization, proofreading, and editing services into or from Afrikaans, Ndebele, Sepedi, Sesotho, Siswati, Tsonga, Tswana, Tshivenda, Xhosa, and Zulu.

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Our Linguists

Our translators are based all across South Africa, in the predominant regions of their respective mother tongues. From Cape Town to Robertson to Durban and Polokwane, we employ professional, tried-and-tested linguists available to translate, localize, transcribe or proofread documentation. All linguists are well-versed in translation and localization management software, ensuring the language used is both current and consistent in the approach to terminology, tone, and, in general, translations that are true to their original.

A Snapshot of South African Languages

South Africa has eleven official languages. Zulu is the most prevalent, followed by Xhosa, Afrikaans, and English. Our highly qualified professional linguists are at the pinnacle of language expertise and cultural heritage in South Africa and thought leaders in their respective linguistic fields. Zulu is spoken, by approximately 22% of the population. Xhosa is second at roughly 16%, Afrikaans at 13.5%, and English is spoken by just under 10% of the population. Most South Africans speak English.

Did you know?

#Afrikaans is the youngest, fully-developed language in the world.


South African Languages

  • Afrikaans
  • Ndebele
  • Sepedi
  • Sesotho
  • Setswana
  • Siswati
  • Tshivenda
  • Xhosa
  • Xitsonga
  • Zulu